Surabaya City Legend

 Fight Sura the shark and Crocodile

Yore, in the vast sea of ​​frequent fights between Sura the shark with the Crocodile. They fight over prey. Both are equally strong, equally agile, and are equally greedy. Many times they've fight but they never win or lose. Finally they had a deal.

Babi Ngepet Myths

Wax Guard.

Babi Ngepet is a creature of legend that tells of Indonesian society stealth pigs. Some myths about Babi Ngepet tell which is the people who want to get rich by taking pesugihan pigs. Pesugihan is done to stealth pigs. Pesugihan ritual is arguably not too difficult but the difficulty is to find a place pesugihan itself may already famous as the place to do pesugihan is Kawi Mountain. 

Sunset In Marina Beach Semarang

Sunset In Marina Beach.

One more amazing scenery. Sunset at the Marina Beach Semarang this instance. Exactly in Yos Sudarso street north of the city of Semarang, or about 4 miles from Tugumuda Monument so close with a mini park adjacent to the location of the complex central java fair promotion and development (PRPP) and the castle maerokoco.

Beautiful Cloud In Nglimut, Gonoharjo

Cloud In Nglimut

Indonesia's nature is extraordinary. When I wake up in the morning, then I'm out of the villa, I was treated to beautiful scenery.

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Oktavian Surya Pratiwi

My Only One