Surabaya City Legend

 Fight Sura the shark and Crocodile

Yore, in the vast sea of ​​frequent fights between Sura the shark with the Crocodile. They fight over prey. Both are equally strong, equally agile, and are equally greedy. Many times they've fight but they never win or lose. Finally they had a deal.
"I'm tired of constantly fighting, Crocodile," said Sura the shark
"I, too, Sura. what should we do so we do not fight?" asked Crocodile

Sura the shark already have plans to stop the fight with Crocodile immediately explain.

"To prevent fights between us, should we divide the territory into two. I have power fully in water and have to find prey in the water. While you power on the mainland and prey must be located on land. As the boundary between land and water, we set limits, is achieved where the sea on the tides of time!" said Sura the shark.
"Okay, I agree with that idea!" said the crocodile.

With the division of territory, it is no longer fighting again between Sura the shark and Crocodile. Both have agreed to respect each other's territory. But on one day, Sura the shark looking for prey in the river. This is done surreptitiously so that crocodiles do not know. Originally it was not caught. But on one day, Crocodile caught deeds Sura the shark. Crocodiles are very angry of course because he saw a shark Sura broke his promise.

"Thus we deal's off! anyone who has the most powerful force, it was he who became sole ruler!" Crocodile said.
"fight again, who is scared?" Said Sura the shark.

Fierce battle between Sura the shark and crocodile happen again. The fight this time more exciting and awesome. Jump and pounce on each other, biting and hitting each other. in an instant, the surrounding water became red with blood coming out from the wounds of the two animals. they fight without a break.
Sura the shark badly injured, then Sura the shark back into the ocean. Crocodiles are satisfied has been able to maintain his territory. 

Symbol of SurabayaCity

Fight between a shark named Sura was very impressed with the Crocodile hearts of the people of Surabaya. Hence, the name of Surabaya has always been linked with these events. Of events is then made ​​the symbol of Surabaya Municipality is drawing Sura the sharks and Crocodiles.

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